Tuesday, January 06, 2009

There's one flaw with posting via email

I am not sure how to do links. So I'll just say instead that the WSJ has the headline on its home page right now "Frugal Families Aggravate Nation's Economic Woes: Families who are embracing frugality are also a major reason the downturn may not soon end." So from now on I'm not going to feel guilty about buying stuff, I'm going to feel like I'm doing my part to serve my country!

Also, cnn.com has a story right now about how the FBI is now looking
to fill 850 spots in the biggest hiring wave since 9/11. The job
listings are only open until 1/16 though, so if I'm going to switch
careers, I better do it ASAP!

Why do I know all about what's on news sites right now? Because I
have nothing to do and it's better to surf the internet than panic.

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