Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Discussion with Andy

I am watching American Idol, and I have thoughts that must be shared.

*Why is Jackie wearing the bottom half of a wetsuit instead of pants? And basketball sneakers? Once again, I totally agree with Simon. If that song was her showing us who she is, then I definitely don't like her.

*Ricky's hair is too pointy. I'm not impressed with the song, and maybe it's because I don't know the song, or maybe it's because it sounds old and kind of boring. He seems nice enough, but since only the top two guys can make it in from tonight, I'm fine with him being left behind. The judges keep saying how he killed it, and this is where it becomes clear that I have absolutely no music background and am just basing my comments on my own personal opinions.

*Alexis was pretty sexy during her number, but why was she wearing a slip instead of a dress? The AI stylists are really letting me down tonight. Good song, though.

*I actually remember Brent from Nashville Star--I don't think I watched the whole season, but I saw some of the episodes, and I remember that dimple. He's actually looking a lot better now, and I can't help but like someone who sings country. He doesn't look very comfortable on the stage though, he needs to stop bobbing up and down. Simon doesn't like him, but he doesn't generally like country music, so not surprising.

*Stevie, skinny jeans work on like 3% of the population. Neither of us are in that group. Also, as I said earlier, I don't know anything about singing, but I didn't like about 75% of her singing here. Wow, look at me with all my math. Oh, and the judges seem to agree with me, so maybe I do know something about singing. I don't think she's going through.

[I realize this is a lot about clothing, but these people are making very poor choices.]

*Ooh, boy singing a girl song, generally like the switch. I like Anoop's voice, and he seems cool. So he gets my approval. Hm, Randy is talking about him being sharp...I wish I knew what that meant.

*I liked the way Casey started this song, but when I expected her to hit the big notes and she didn't, it all went downhill for me. This is very not good. Cute hair though. Also, she should stop touching her neck when she tries to look sexy. Ooh, the judges are letting her have it and she looks like she's going to cry. Ugh, just noticed her shoes.

*Michael seems like such a nice guy, I want him to do well. Oh, and I like this song a lot, let's see how he does it. Ok, I thought that was good, lots of fun. Randy says it was pitchy, but again, I don't really know what that means. Sure, maybe it wasn't his "best performance," but if the point is to like listening to them sing, then it worked! Too bad for him I don't vote. Aww, Simon hopes that America votes for him. If Simon asked me by name, I would do it!

*I didn't understand the whole "go out and come back in looking like a star" thing from Ann Marie's audition. She obviously was good, so why give her a hard time? Oh, she's wearing a Kelly Kapowski dress. That's what I think of when I see tight, tiny dresses. She looks good in it though. She's singing fine, but really, Natural Woman? Maybe I'm just tired of that song, but I feel like it should be retired for a few years. From everything, not just AI. I actually agree with Randy, her voice didn't sound big enough for that song.

*Hm, gaps in teeth drive me nuts, so Stephen is starting from a disadvantage already. It doesn't seem like he has any energy in this performance. I think he's trying to be smooth, but I'm just getting the sense that he's tired. I say meh.

[Also, the judges need to stop naming songs that can never be sung by anyone other than the original artist--I think like half of the songs that exist they'd say are off-limits.]

*That Tatiana is in the top 36 is a total travesty. Whether or not she can sing, she is a terrible person and should be smothered with a pillow. Oh, she's singing Whitney--I wonder what the chances are that the judges say that she shouldn't have touched this song? They say it was better than they expected. I thought the singing was ok, but I hate her so much I don't care. No votes for you!

*Ok, I know we're supposed to like Danny because he's a widower and all that, and normally my contrary self would be hating on him for being the popular kid, but I can't help it--I really do like him. And he's doing a girl song again! Ooh, very good. And the judges like him too! Not bad for the very first week.

So from this 12 we get the top boy, the top girl, and then the next top vote-getter. I think Alexis is going through for the girls, because I can't think of any other girls who deserve to go through, which is sad for the ladies. Whereas for the guys, I like Danny, Anoop, Brent, and Michael. I think Danny is in, and probably Anoop too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the other fellas getting in as wild cards. Please America, don't keep Tatiana in just for entertainment!

Also note that these predictions are probably are wrong. As TMQ says, all predictions wrong or your money back, guaranteed.

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Andy said...

I posted my comments before I read yours, and we totally agree! I refuse to write too much about T. She's desperate, and I refuse to feed that dragon.