Monday, February 09, 2009

*I* do all my own stunts

This morning I went to a "cardio conditioning" class, which was
basically a bunch of one-minute cardio and conditioning drills, and it
was pretty tiring. Not super fun, like step, but a good workout
nonetheless, which is the important part. But the class aside, the
instructor really annoyed me. She looked kind of like Kim Kardashian
with a smaller ass (that's not what annoyed me, but just to help you
imagine). The two things that bugged me were (1) she was wearing full
make-up. Eyeliner and everything. And she was teaching a class
starting at 6:30 in the morning. I mean, it's bad enough to put on
makeup to work out, but at 6:30 am?? Ridiculous. And (2) if I were
being very generous, I'd say she did maybe 1/4 of the class herself.
She'd show the move for a few seconds, then walk around the class,
then at the 30 second mark she'd give us a time update and do the
moves for a few more seconds, and then keep walking around. And that
seriously drives me nuts. She didn't look like she was in that great
a shape to begin with, and then I just get really bitter when you're
telling us to do hard drills and you barely do anything youself. It's
why fat football coaches drive me nuts too, but separate issue there.
I know I'm going to the class voluntarily and all, but I'm not going
to respect you if I don't think you can do the stuff yourself. So,
girl who looks like Kim Kardashian, I don't respect you. I'm sure
she's crying somewhere now because she can sense my disdain.

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