Saturday, February 07, 2009

I heart reading...I don't heart cars that don't fit things

I have been trying to buy a new bookshelf for weeks now, since my books have outpaced my book space by quite a bit (although part of that is my own fault for having law school casebooks still--it's not all fun books). I finally found just what I wanted on craigslist, and I measured my car and was pretty sure I could fit them in...but I didn't take into account the angle that the seats on my car are at when they're folded down, and sure enough, not even close. So I'm returning tomorrow with my friend who has a jeep to get them, but I was really pumped about reorganizing my books today, and I'm sad that I have to delay my exciting plans =( My poor history books, stacked up in double's shameful.

See, this is me trying to post more about daily non-work life. I'm sorry.

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