Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not a good week for my apartment

Yesterday morning I was walking Jamie and he was saying hi to an
Airedale terrier that got a little too cozy, and the two dogs ended up
getting into a little tiff, which isn't altogether unusual. However,
after the other dog left, I realized that he had bitten Jamie's ear!
The end had a little rip in it, and of course it started bleeding like
crazy. He bled all over the sidewalk and the foyer of the apartment
building, and then I finally got a paper towel to put some pressure on
it, but as soon as it would stop a bit he would shake his head and it
would start up again! I wanted to use some gauze to tie his ear back
onto his head, but apparently nobody sells gauze anymore because I
couldn't find any at 7-11, another mini-mart type place, or Costco
(the closest things to me). So Chris and I tried to rig up our own
devices (one involving a towel, one involving a garbage bag, both with
packing tape), but to no avail. Finally Michael came over and had the
brilliant idea of just taping the paper towel to his ear, which sounds
retarded, but ended up doing the job. And, lucky for Jamie, it was
also the least ridiculous looking of all of our contraptions, somehow.
I took a picture of the paper towel-tape bandage, but I don't have it
on me since I'm at work, so I'll have to post it later. Jamie finally
took a nap on the couch which gave his ear time to clot, so he's fine
now, but clearly there is some bad health karma attached to my

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