Saturday, February 07, 2009


Two weekends ago some friends and I went out in Capitol Hill, which we never do, just to mix it up. My friend Michael had lived here before law school, so he kind of knew the area, but his memories were a bit old and slightly intoxicated. We were wandering around and he vaguely remembered that there was a bar that had pool tables a couple of blocks away so we walk until he sees a sign he recognizes--Remington's! So we go inside and the first thing we notice is that it's a country western bar, which Michael hadn't remembered, apparently. But that's cool because I of course like me some country music. But shortly thereafter we looked around and realized, not only is it a country western bar, it's a gay country western bar. It was awesome. I mean, nobody asked me to dance, but then again, the old creepy guys ignored me, so that was pretty great. Besides, I don't know how to two-step anyway. I did try some of the line dancing--my mad step skills served me well and I was able to pick up the easier ones as they were going on, which made me happy. Totally going back sometime.

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