Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sing for me, minions!

Here we go, liveblogging (sort of) American Idol again. Don't judge me, it's escapism. First of all, Kara, there *is* actually a second chance, it's called the wild card slots, so don't lie. And I really don't have a second of all, so let's get to the singers.

*Jasmine Murray is singing Love Song, and I'm so tired of this song. Maybe it's just because it comes up on Pandora at work all the time, but really, this song needs a rest. I guess she sounds ok, but she sounds like she's overpronouncing the words. Or maybe she has a funny accent when she sings? I don't know what it is, but I find it distracting. Judges don't love it either, so my confidence in my ability to be a judge on this show is growing. And Simon just made the point I was about to write, that they boo him and not the rest of them when they all say the same thing.

*Matt Giraud I liked from the early episodes so I'm hoping he's good here. Oh crap, he's doing Coldplay. I've decided I actively dislike them. I don't know if that's because the songs sounds the same to me or because I everyone was all about them and I got tired of hearing how great they are, or what, but again, when they come on Pandora I usually skip them. So ha. Anyway, this is making it hard for me to properly evaluate this performance. I guess it sounded decent to me, but not like blow my mind great or anything. Haha, Kara just said that tonight wasn't "blow me away." Seriously, Andy and I can take over this show no problem.

*Hm, Jeanine, I don't recognize you. Did you get any air time? Ooh, green nail polish not cute. Wow, tiny shorts! And with a sparkly blazer, too. Slightly baffling there. I do not like this song. I can't decide if the singing is too simple to show off her voice, or it sounds like she's out of breath, or I just don't like the way she's singing it. Either way, there's no good option. Oh, Paula is starting with "good legs." Baaaad sign. And she sent it right to Simon--wow, what a cop-out! Grow a pair, Paula. The judges are letting her have it. And now she's begging the judges for another chance, ick. You are done, girl who no one knows.

I just noticed that Ryan is wearing jeans, sneakers and a polo shirt--that's weird.

*Norman Gentle aka Nick what's-his-name is in character again tonight. I have to admit he's rather funny, and normally this kind of character annoys the crap out of me, so that's one thing in his favor. One against is that I hate this song, but that's balanced out by him making the song about the show, so we're even on the song. I can't figure out if he's even singing well, though! The whole thing is so not about the voice with him, it seems almost irrelevant whether he's on key or not. I think I'd like him in person, but this cannot go on. He needs to go home.

Also, I'd just like to say that I wish they didn't let kids under 18 on Idol. It just seems wrong to have 16 year olds on this show.

*Allison I also don't recognize. I feel like I already don't like her, but I'll try to refrain from totally writing her off for no reason. Other than that awkward couch interview and the fact that she's 16. Ok, I like "Alone," but is this another one that we can say should be retired due to overuse? I mean, I've only been watching a few seasons but I already feel like that. So, despite my misgivings, I'm liking this performance. Big voice, and I know nothing, but it sounds like she's working it to me. Ah, and once again the judges are agreeing. If I get fired on Friday, I'm sending in my resume to Fox! Haha, Simon said she was so boring upstairs with Ryan--we are so on the same page. Ok Allison, just stop wearing 80s Madonna prom dresses, and we may be on to something.

*Ooh, it's Andy's boy Kris Allen. If I say mean things he might hurt me. He is pretty cute, though. Old school MJ, I'm with you so far. Ok Andy, good call! I like this one too. Didn't knock my socks off, but I think it was still good. Especially compared to the rest of the night. Hmm, Kara doesn't like the song choice. Ooh, you can always tell when Simon is going to say something good because he has that big pause. He agrees with Paula, who said nice things. Yay. Haha, he thinks the chicks are going to love Kris--not just the chicks!

Man, I still have to prepare for my step class tomorrow--ugh. Not that I don't love my class, but the prep part is my least favorite.

*Megan has a lot of tattoos. I feel like I need to point that out on behalf of my dad. Ooh, now I remember her--I thought her audition sucked. Because I don't know what I'm talking about, I guess. She's singing with her hands in her pockets, weird. Alright, I see why some people like her, but those are the same people that like Macy Gray, and I am not one of those people. "Unique" doesn't always mean "good," says I. See, Paula likes her, and I'm not surprised, but she's too weird for me. Not my style. Oh no, Simon asked America to vote for her--drat.

*Ah, Matt, our other tough guy. His voice sounds nice, but almost a little soft, like it's overcontrolled? Is that even a thing? I think Jamie can't wait for Idol to be over, I told him we can't go for a walk until it's over. And I'm awesomely multi-tasking, looking up something in the CFR too. Look at me go. Simon says he really likes *him*--not a good sign! It's like Paula saying you look lovely tonight. Randy says it wasn't exciting enough--I think that's pretty much the same thing I said

Ooh, the dress I just ordered online from J.Crew just shipped! It was on a really good sale, too. Yays.

*Ooh, Bette Davis Eyes! My brother and I used to make fun of the video for this song, we'd see it all the time on Pop-Up Video. This seems like a song you don't see that often on Idol, so I like that. Ooh, asymmetrical sweater--I hate that look. Jesse is another girl that I don't remember from the early eps. Either I don't pay enough attention, or they have to show us more people. Her hair looks super cute, and I liked this song. It was kind of different. Judges seem kind of meh about her.

*Kai reminds me of Sayid a little bit. I wonder if Kai can break a guy's neck with his ankles--if so, I'd actually pick up the phone and vote, because that is bad-ass. Song gave him a chance to show some range, so that's good. He's got the sob story which is going to help a lot. It was ok but I'm not jumping out of my seat. Not bad though. Simon says it's not memorable and he'll be a great back-up singer. Ouch.

*This might be hypocritical, but Mishavonna is a weird name. Just saying. Ugh, Drops of Jupiter. I kind of hate that song. Man, four words in and I already hate it. Is she whispering? Judges are saying she sounds too old. Whatever the reason is, I don't like it, I'm ready for her to go home.

*Satisfaction? Paula is up and dancing. Somehow I'm thinking Simon is going to say it was too theater still. (Or maybe too theatre?) Paula doesn't have words--she feels like she's watching an Adam Lambert concert. Really? I was more middle-of-the-road on this. Simon says it's love it or hate it, so I guess I'm not supposed to be in the middle?

Ok, so who does that leave us with? Allison for sure. I'd send along Kris Allen and either Jesse or Adam. I'm afraid that Megan is going to get through and I'll have to dread her every performance, but it's definitely a possibility. If I was going off Hollywood week then Matt has a chance too. Hmm, trickier to predict than last week. I just named six people! And how sad would it be if someone I didn't even name made it. I'll say America will vote through Allison, Adam, and Megan, but only because I don't have faith in America's voting. After all, Fantasia actually won season three.

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Andy said...

OMG we totally are guessing the same three.

Kris got the short end of the producer's stick. Totally not fair, but oh well. The fact that someone as dumb as Randy is successful in the music business makes me less impressed and with famous producers.

BTW, Kris was shorter than Ryan. I saw that and immediately worried you wouldn't like him.