Wednesday, March 25, 2009


No Idol blogging tonight...I only had time for one show and Lost won that battle in a heartbeat. And I know some of you crazy people aren't liking this season, but I'm loving it.

I decided to ask the gym I teach step at if I can add a class on Sunday evenings at 5:30, and when I was talking to the woman in charge she mentioned that one of my regulars came to her with some "constructive criticism" for me, saying that my choreography was "choppy." She tried to make it clear (this was all via email, so lots of all-caps) that they still really like having me, so it's not like they're displeased or anything, but this is something that's come up so if I can take what they're saying and try to work with it, that'd be great. And of course I want everyone to be happy. The problem is, I have no idea what "choppy" means precisely. But either way, now all of a sudden I'm feeling all all out sorts and doubting myself about my class. The only thing keeping me sane is that one of the girls (women?) who has taken my class gave me her email address because I told her I'd tell her what happened with the whole adding a class thing, and she was super sweet and lavishing (unprovoked) praise on me. I told her it was nice to hear good feedback after the "choppy" comment I'd just gotten, and she got really annoyed about that and said that she thinks my class is awesome and that the head lady is probably making it up because she's just jealous. Which I don't think is the case, but it's nice to hear. I figure at class tomorrow I'll ask if they think I'm teaching too quickly, because that's all I can think about in terms of what choppy could mean--but the regulars at my class are good and don't need me to break it down any further! But whatever. It's just kind of gotten me down a bit, which sucks because my step class is one of my favorite things.

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John said...

I hate it when people criticize you and you have no idea what they mean! At least give an example so I con figure out what the hell you are talking about!