Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm a multitasking machine

Ok, I'm going to try to liveblog this while eating dinner because I'm short on time tonight, so we'll see how this goes. Wait, two hours? Have all of the episodes been two hours long? This is not good, I don't have time for this! I'll see what I can do, this may be a two-parter, depending.

Ooh, Lil Rounds is in the chosen one spot tonight, the last one to go. Shocking.

*Von Smith is apparently overcompensating for shouting in the Hollywood round by whispering at us now. I don't think this is the right strategy. Maybe that's the way Marvin Gaye sings it? Ok, eating and typing is hard! In the end, I'm finding it meh. Randy is all about it, though. Let's see if Simon agrees? He says Von reminds him of Clay Aiken. But he liked it. So I guess I'm in the minority here. We'll see what Andy thinks.

*Ugh, Taylor is singing Alicia Keys. Can I tell you a secret? I hate Alicia Keys. I think she sounds good, but she's kind of boring, and my dislike of the song doesn't help my opinion of her. Nor do the pleather tights? Is that even a thing? They're not pants, I think, because she's wearing tall boots over them. Judges seem to agree on the boring, so I guess we're back on track. And suuuure they're tears of joy. Nothing is more joyful than being called boring.

A contest to design a coke cup? Wow, talk about boring.

*Aww, Alex seems sweet. Oh, he's the one that had the funny little line about Simon's joke not making any sense. I hope this guy sings well. Weird little dance move there, Alex. Just stay by the mike, ok? I liked the way it started, but then he started caterwauling for no reason. This pains me. In several ways, since he seemed nice in his interview. I'm going to have to agree with Simon's Hollywood assessment--personality a 9, singing a 3. Oh look, judges agree.

*Arianna is from San Diego, yay! She reminds me a lot of someone, but I'm not sure who. Wait, I think she has the same smile as the girl who plays Chuck's older sister Ellie on Chuck (she also was on Saved By The Bell: The New Class--she was blonde back then--in case you were wondering). She's singing Abba, and I just watched Mamma Mia this weekend, so I might be overloading. Wow, another boring performance. I don't know if it's the song or her (after watching Mamma Mia I'd say it could be either). And was that last note good? My untrained ears didn't like it. Oh, Simon says it's terrible. Good. Not for Arianna, but for my judging skills.

Ok, we're switching to trying to work while I blog. This could be interesting. I wish I had my two computer monitors like I do at work.

*Ju'not is not a name. Just getting that out of the way first. Ok, weird slow version of Hey There Delilah. Which, btw, every time I hear this song I think of this blog post. And I was so busy looking for that link that I barely even paid attention. Which should maybe tell me something about the excitement level of this song. And Simon has no idea who Taylor is, who just performed, which is hilarious. Simon says the song was better than he expected.

*I can't tell if Kristen is retarded or not. Oh man, this must be the night of songs I don't like or something, because I don't like Tracy Chapman either. Although I do like the way Kristen is singing this song. Way sexier than Tracy Chapman does it. Ok, I liked that, my favorite performance of the night so far. The judges are kind of mixed on her so far. I do agree with the comments about her outfit though, I had been thinking that it looked too little girl for her, so I'm glad they said that.

*Nathaniel has too many piercings in weird places. And he's a huge drama queen. So he's got a lot to overcome. Oh Nathaniel, please stop with the snapping. It's just too gay. And the vocals seem unimpressive to me. It was a fun song to do, but I didn't think the singing was so great. Oh, and the headband was terrible. The judges seem mixed, it's a little hard to see where they came down on him.

*Hm, Felicia, I don't remember you, but I remember hearing about her getting in because they kicked out Joanna Pacitti (sp?). Aw man, another Alicia Keys song. And it happens to be one of my least favorites! Great. This is another one where I think the singing is good, but I hate the song so it's hard to ignore that. Paula's fawning. The rest of them seem to like her too, with Simon being the coolest of the four on her.

*Ah, blind Scott. I have no idea what this song is. It's pretty, though. I don't think his voice is big enough for it, though. Or maybe he can't hit the low notes? It seems like this song could be amazing with a slightly better voice. He's not bad, though. Ah, the sympathy vote. They cheer loudly. Ok, the judges seem to be going a little easy on him because of the whole blind thing. Simon says he has relevance, and will sail through to the next round. I agree, but I don't know if he would if he wasn't blind. Ha, a high five joke, I love it!

*Kendall, I only remember her because she was the Texan in Puerto Rico. Alligator Dance? What is that business? Also, what is going on with her belt? Is that foliage? She's singing country, but this isn't my favorite song. Or rather, I think there's way better songs to make your one impression on America with. And every time she says "you're" it sounds bad to me. Oh, hm, another note there that sounds bad. I say forgettable Carrie Underwood knockoff. Wow, Paula is giving no notes on her actual singing--bad sign. Ha, Randy loves country music, I didn't know that. I think the judges are saying that if she goes through, it's on personality. Funny, that's how I got my job, I think!

*Jorge...you remind me of my seventh grade Spanish class, where we had to pick "Spanish names" (I was Adriana...I wanted Alicia, but somebody who went before me already picked it) and there was an eighth grader who picked Jorge. He wasn't very good, and eventually he started using his "buenos puntos" to "buy" more names from our teaches, so by the end of the year he was Jorge Jacobo Tuto Nico Quico (sp?). And he tried to get the teacher to say the full name every time he called on him. Cracked me up. Anyway, back to this Jorge. I'm glad he's not singing Marc Anthony, I hate that guy. This song is boring though. Not the performance just the song itself. I would change the radio station in the car if this came on. Paula's trying not to cry. Get a hold of yourself, lady. Haha, Simon said "you heart him." They seem to love him (although Simon just talked about his accent, not his performance). And now they're all crying. I'm over it. Maybe I'm just a cold bitch, but that's what I'm thinking.

*Ok, I disagree Kara, Lil Rounds is NOT in fact a great name. It's a weird name. (Hello pot? It's kettle. You're black.) Cute dress though. Yeah, she is slaying this song. It is her bitch. Oh, check out the booty, she's got some junk in that trunk. But I digress. Judges are all about it too.

So, top three tonight... Clearly Lil is going through as the girl. For the guy, I'd say it's either going to be Scott (the awww vote) or Ju'not (not my choice, but I think he'll be popular). Then for the third spot, we have issues. It could go to the guy who didn't get in, or to Felicia or Kristen, who I think both did really well. Why not Jorge? I just don't see him having a big enough fan base, despite his voice being decent. So if I'm guessing top three, I'm going to go with Lil, Scott, and Kristen.

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