Sunday, March 01, 2009

Three-day weekend?

Waking up at 7am on a Sunday is NOT awesome. Also, they're predicting something like 6-10 inches of snow tonight here. John, I'm going to be on the next plane out to CA. I'm really hoping to wake up to an email saying that the office is closed for the day because of the snow, because while I actually have work to do, it's work I can do from home absolutely no problem, and this way I could work in comfy pants and sit on my couch instead of wearing actual work clothes and freezing in my office (because I'm always freezing there. Seriously, sometimes I wear my coat in my office because I'm so cold). Nothing yet, but I have my fingers crossed. I'm guessing that I could just work from home even if the office doesn't officially close, but we're supposed to have a meeting at lunch to talk about the massive layoffs from last Friday, so I kind of want to be there for that. I'll just hope for a snow day, since I didn't get a chance to have them for school.

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Anonymous said...

Snow days are over-rated when you have to make them up in June :(