Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Top 13

Welcome to American Idol night! First thought--why do they ask the judges what the contestants have to do tonight? The answer is ALWAYS the same, and it's totally unhelpful. Oh, don't suck? Good, I'll make a note. Also, I can already tell I'm going to have a lot of outfit commentary to make.

Michael Jackson night...I'm not sure about this. It could be ok, or it could be a disaster. Also, I'm going to be blogging while I work for at least part of the show, so again, could be ok or could be a disaster!

*Lil is from Memphis, and I've stayed in that city a couple of times, because it's a good just-over-halfway-point between Durham and Dallas. It seemed pretty, but it's hard to tell from a couple of nights in a random hotel. Ok, shirt is awful, and why is it tucked into those pants? And why is she wearing white pants in the first place when her ass is that big? She sounds a little like she's shouting on this song, but maybe that's her trying to "make it her own" or something? I didn't like this as much as the Mary J. Blige last week. "The judges" think she's amazing ("the judges" is how I'm going to refer to Paula, Randy and Kara because they're too unimportant to name personally), which is not surprising, and Simon says she was good, but he hates her outfit. We are still on the same page, Simon! "When you sing, it's like angels" seems a bit over the top, no? Leave the girl some room to grow.

*Scott's got his piano now, so we'll see if this does the trick. He's doing a song I don't know if I even know. Lyrics seem appropriate though. I'd like to see him sing a song about life sucking, just for funsies. I do think he sounds better tonight than he did singing Mandolin Rain, though. But that doen't mean he's super good. "It's not the most dynamic performance, but you're staying true to yourself" = "You suck but you're blind so good for you!" Simon says it's bad because no one knows it--I kind of agree. Hahaha--"It's fine to be artistic, just not on this show." So true. Also, I think Paula is making up stuff not because she means to, but because her brain is so fried from alcohol and painkillers that she honestly can't remember what happened.

Ok, time to boot up the work. Gives me something to do during commercial breaks at least (yes, I'm watching it live, but only because I'm working--I need something that requires only half my attention on in the background). Speaking of commercials, does everyone else hate these Comcast commercials as much as I do? Makes me glad I have Fios.

*Ah, Danny. I don't know what he's doing in this video from home, some sort of strange dance. I was hoping he'd make some comment about the dead wife picture. PYT--didn't someone sing that last season? I can't compare it to the original because I haven't heard it enough to really remember what it sounds like. Danny's working the stage pretty well, and I'm liking the singing. So basically he has to stop coming off as sanctimonious, that's his biggest challenge right now. Paula needs to stop crying after a performance. And she just said Danny is on his way to the finals--way to jump the gun. That's only going to make people dislike him more.

*Wow, Michael's mom looks young. I thought that was his wife at first. I'm glad for his sake that it's not his wife though, because bless her heart, she is not cute. (See what I did there, going all Southern? Did it for him.) He's showing off his sensitive side, and I think he's doing a much better job singing than with the Gavin DeGraw, even though I like the other song much better. This song is, to use a Simon phrase, forgettable. Just like my work that I'm supposed to be doing right now. Simon must really like this guy, he's talking about him giving 110% and all. Haha, he made a good little dig and Idol plugging the fact that he works on an oil rig every seven minutes.

*Speaking of things they tell us every seven minutes, how old is Jasmine again? Ugh, I hope she goes tomorrow, and I haven't even heard her sing yet tonight. Aw, her nephew is really cute though. "My mom is with me every step of the way...because I'm a minor." That sentence was almost sweet, and then it turned into complaining. Hilarious. Ugh, this song is also boring me. Maybe I just don't like slow songs? No, that's not true, I don't like slow songs that sound *old.* That must be it. This song is all about the big notes for her, and I guess that's good for her to show off her voice, but it's kind of boring to listen to. Also, her mom needs to take a page from her daughter's make-up book and not wear that ridiculous heavy red lipstick.

Ok, I can't take this anymore. And I mean both the work and the commercials. I think I'm going to stop work and take a break from Idol and wait until I have it dvr'd so I can skip it all. It's just too much.

Well, I used that break to come up with a new combo for Thursday step class, and it's already giving me trouble. Not the real version, but the direction-less one that I teach first. Good thing I have another day to play with it. Look at me, coming up with something more than twelve hours before. I'm so proud of myself.

*Hey Kris! According to EW, you're the thing that gay men and straight women can agree on. Evidence thus far says that they are correct. Aww, he and his wife are so cute! Ooh, likes him with the guitar. Too bad he already did Man in the Mirror, I liked that one a lot. But this one is good too. It's not a super fast song, but he's making it upbeat and fun. Ooh, teensy bit shouty there. But overall, lots of fun and I liked it! Kara says he spent a lot of time helping the other contestants--yay him! What a good sport. Oh Paula, Simon's not trying to undress you, he's trying to rescue the bird trapped on your shoulder.

*Ah, Allison's parents are from El Salvador. Thank you for explaining the vaguely ethnic look. Is she really cold? I'd think no jacket would be necessary. Hm, I'm kind of worried Allison is going to be another Amanda Overmeyer where every song sounds the same. And it's hard to take her seriously with that hardware in her mouth, I'm sorry. I know she's only 16 (how old, Idol?) but that's what happens when you let in little kids. I still like her big voice, though. I just hope next week she mixes it up a bit. They love her as a rocker girl, but what can I say, I like variety.

*Anoop Dog! He really reminds me of my brother, so I can't help but like him. Beat It--brave choice. I'm glad he didn't turn it into a ballad or something. He really does work the stage, but I don't know enough about singing to know whether this song is giving him a chance to show off his singing or not. It was a fun performance though. Ok, why are Simon and Paula fighting over who goes first? Paula, have some balls and be willing to be mean first. Paula thinks it sounded karaoke. Oh, and Simon thinks it was horrible. I think he'll still be ok during the elimination tomorrow because he's got so much personality, he'll still get votes.

*Am I the only one who doesn't like Jorge? Because he bugs the crap out of me. Oh, and apparently he's the reason his family is still together. Oh lord, what is this weird swaying. I'm sorry, I don't like him. Maybe it's because he sounds kind of like Marc Anthony and I hate him. Maybe because this song is boring and I'll forget it in about...now. The judges are saying it wasn't that great, thank goodness. "I wasn't going to sing Bad by Michael Jackson." "Well you kind of did." Ooh snap, Simon!

Oh my lord, they made an Au Pair III. Apparently they're showing a marathon of Au Pair and Au Pair II right before the premiere. That's amazing.

*Megan...I still just plain old don't like your voice. And Rockin' Robin? This song makes me think of the episode of Full House where Uncle Jesse sang it with some lady rocker he was dating, and Joey and Danny provided back-up vocals when they were on this weird triple date with two friends of the lady rocker. Weird and old. Oh lord, I was about to say something nice and then she did a weird "caw, caw" at the end! So instead of saying that for picking a crappy song, she did a decent job, I'm just going to say what a freak.

*Adam is from San Diego! I wonder what high school he went to. Wikipedia just says he's from Hollywood--useless. And inaccurate. Ok, he sounds like he's still in a musical. He's super pronouncing all of the words, and I can't imagine this vocal being on the radio at all. To me, he's oversinging the whole thing. Good God, Paula is crying again. Oh, and so is Adam. UGH. Now I'm a crier, but for pete's sake, stop it! And Paula said he's going to be in the finals too. So I guess it's going to be Danny and Adam, huh Paula? Well the judges all disagree with me here, but I don't care. Oh man, he's wearing a lot of make-up! "I didn't know some of those notes existed." Again with the hyperbole, I can't take it.

*Wow, Matt from what I assume was high school is way less cute than Matt now. The nice thing about playing an instrument is then you don't have to worry about dancing around on the stage and looking like a retard. Nice song choice for him. I liked it, thought it sounded pretty smooth. Much, much better than his last two performances. I'll take him over Adam any day, I'll you that much.

*Alexis is in the pimp spot this week. Ha, I didn't realize she was also from Memphis. Wow, that is a teeny dress. It's a good thing she's got tights on underneath. Oh wait, those are shorts, thank goodness. Still glad for the tights though. I liked it, she was very sassy. Wow, she seems oddly serene right there. And the show is out of time so everyone gets seven seconds to talk--verdict is that she was good, but not kick-awesome.

Ok, let's see, Simon is saying something about things being different tomorrow and the judges will be involved, so who knows how they're going to kick two off. If I had my way they'd get rid of Jasmine and Jorge. The Js are killing me.

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