Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Credit where credit is due

I'm going to have to give props and snaps to American Express for being really decent to me with this whole stolen credit card number thing.  I've dealt with a lot of jackass companies who make life really difficult when I've tried to get fees or charges waived when they weren't really my fault, but they've been great about that, no hassle at all.  I only get online bills from them, nothing paper, and it turns out that the people who stole my card number to buy a computer also somehow got into my account and changed my contact email address to the fake one they made up, so I hadn't been getting my bills for the last couple of months.  They could have been really mean and said it was my responsibility to remember to go online and check on it (which I actually did this month, yay me, and good thing since I didn't figure out the email address thing until today), but they just waived the fee instead.  So thank you very much, AmEx.  Just as I am going to destroy Bally Total Fitness one customer at a time, I will build you up into an empire! 

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