Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Five

Ah, Idol liveblogging once more. I know you missed it. But despite all of these new projects at work I'm getting (sadly nothing interesting), I have time tonight! So back to my blog it is. Top 5 tonight! Two phone numbers per person! That would be great if I actually voted. But no, I just judge from afar. Oh, Kara DioGuardi is in this month's issue of Shape magazine. She does have a nice body, I'll give her that. Apparently she added boxing to her workout routine and is really liking it. In case you were wondering.

Standards from the Rat Pack era...I'm not sure about this. Ooh, a mystery mentor! So exciting. "All those people are...dead." Kris, I love you. Jamie Foxx? That's interesting. And ok, now they're likening him to the Rat Pack artists for "transcending genres." Hi, stretch.

Ooh, Kris looking cute in a suit tonight. Well ok, he always looks cute, but I'm digging the suit. Ooh, The Way You Look Tonight...I love that song. I know this song mostly from Father of the Bride, and I super heart that movie, so I am happy already! He's got like the perfect voice for this song, so nice and smooth, and he looks like he means every word he sings. Oh wait, he's jazzed it up some. I like the slow and the fast, but I'm not sure I like them in the same song nessarily. God, can Randy ever not speak in cliches? He says it's Kris' best performance, and I'm not sure if that's true, but only because I've liked so many of his performances. Kara says the technical standard has been set incredibly high. Haha, she said diction. Paula's gone old school on her hair, appropriate for the evening. Simon likes it but isn't dying over it...because it was a little bit wet? I'm not following. And now Kris is a well-trained spaniel. Confused. Oh, and now he's saying Kris can't win the whole thing. You be quiet! Haha, Ryan is asking what he means by wet. Glad it's not just me.

Ah, Allison. My other pet here. And she's 17 now! She actually sounds like a teenager now describing her surprise cake for her birthday. Ooh, Someone To Watch Over Me. If she can pull this off, it's going to be big for her. That softer side America needs to see. Her outfit is still atrocious, but what else can you expect from a teenager. I like this. She's still showing off her powerful voice, but she's doing it in a more vulnerable way. I'm a fan. No Randy, she's not looking dope. But she is singing awesome, I'll agree on that. Kara isn't worried about her being in the bottom 3 again. Paula is proud of her. And Simon is asking her if she thinks she can win this competition. This is a stupid question, as it always is. He thinks it was a great performance but doesn't think she thinks she can win. Oh for pete's sake. Kara says he's crazy for thinking she's going to be in trouble. I mean, her going and Matt staying would be a crime, so I'm thinking she should be ok, but who knows.

Matt is singing My Funny Valentine. I only know the Harry Connick, Jr. version, and that's not my favoritest song ever. Matt is excited about this week, thinks it's his week. Let's see if he's right. Ok, he's pronouncing every word very separately, this sounds weird to me. "Your looks are laughable." That seems like a terrible line! This song was ok. I thought he did a nice job singing it, but not nicer than Allison or Kris did. Randy and Kara are ok with it, Paula loved it. Simon does his big pause, which means that he's going to say something nice. Wow, he said it's the only believeable, authentic song he's heard tonight and was absolutely brilliant. That's quite the surprise! Maybe Allison *is* going to be in trouble tomorrow... I mean, I'm happy to keep Matt and send Danny home instead, so maybe the voters will cooperate this week.

Speaking of Danny... Come Rain or Come Shine. He says he's not changing it up much. Randy says Danny could have an album of songs like this and win. Danny can sing! Well guess what, all of the top five can, so that's not really going to differentiate them. And Kara liked his swagger. Paula sounds like she's going to cry again. Simon says Kara is right about the swagger, and he's proving the point whereas Kris and Allison weren't. Wow, even Jamie Foxx is getting props for being a great mentor! I have no opinion on this performance because I hate Danny so much I can't be unbiased. It was good, but I still want him to go home.

Adam Lambert is in the pimp spot again, and I've caught up with my dvr. Good thing it's the last performance! Oh lord, what is with Paula's dress? She's got like red napkins stuck on the front. Adam's doing Feeling Good, which again, I know from Michael Buble (yeah, I know no original artists). Jamie is giving Adam a hug now. There's something Adam does with his voice all the time that I hate, and I can't explain it because I don't know anything about singing, but if you were listening I could point it out. Ok, he held that giant note when he said "feeeeeeeeeling" at the end, and I totally wanted him to do a really quick "good" to balance it out, but he didn't. Oh well. It was an impressively long note. Randy says a little too broadway but he's in the zone consistently (A little too broadway, hm? Sounds familiar.) Kara finds Adam shocking, in a good way. Ha, I accidentally wrote a "god way," which is probably accurate too. Paula compares him to Michael Phelps. Simon says complaining about Adam being theatrical is like complaining that a cow moos. Ooh, Ryan is banned from the staircase because Adam's entrance was so awesome. Or so says Simon, anyway. But what Simon says goes, so I guess it's the elevator from now on.

Ok, top five is hard because everyone is talented. In my perfect world, Danny would go home. But tonight Kris and Allison got sub-par critiques from Simon, which is dangerous. I think Kris has a big enough fan base to keep him safe, which puts Allison in danger. I say Allison and Matt in the bottom two, but not sure who is going home.

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