Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Work convos

My friend Laura, who came to my kickboxing class last night, was laughing occasionally as I was giving instructions about some of the more violent moves we were doing (for example, grabbing the hair of our imaginary opponent, using the palm of the hand to break the nose, and then punching them in the gut). I told her that her laughing was cracking *me* up, and she responded " sorry--it's just b/c you have such a happy voice and then you say such violent things so chipperly." Which cracked me up again, and I had to share.

UPDATE: I told Laura in the conversation we had (described above) that I was going to post that line of hers on my blog, and this is the ensuing exchange:

Me: and I'm totally putting that on my blog

Laura: awesome!

Me: ok, posted!

Laura: night! see you for [this mandatory thing that we have] tomorrow!

Me: whee!

Me: wait, I meant I posted on the blog

Me: not posted like I'm leaving

Me: or are you leaving now?

Laura: oh, haha

Laura: no, 10-15 more min

Laura: I thought you had a new word for leaving

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Mr. Cooper said...

I'm laughing just imagining this. Please tell me there's video.