Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top 3

I know I've been a blogging nightmare lately, I'm sorry. But don't worry, I won't abandon you on this, the penultimate Idol episode! I've got my dinner in front of my and my laptop to the side, and I'm ready for action. I'm appalled that Danny is still in but pleasantly surprised that Kris is.

Apparently this is the first ever all-male top 3. I don't care because it's all dudes, I care because Allison should be there but she isn't. Stupid judges paving the way for Danny. Not that I'm bitter!

Hm, Paula picked a song by Terence Trent D'Arby, Dance Little Sister, for Danny. I loved the song Wishing Well, but I don't think I know this one. Buuuut from the start of it I'm not loving it. Why is he shouting so much? Does he think the mic isn't working? And does Paula ever not dance? I say this is typical Danny--too much shouting, and really a boring song. Not to steal something from Simon, but I won't remember the song at all in five minutes. "I'm a choreographer and I think you did really good." Oh good, so this is a dance competition now. Ha, Simon just mentioned that. He said the vocals were good, though, so we differ there.

Ok, Kara and Randy are picking the song together for Kris. Maybe Kara being involved will help, because I think Randy sucks. Hmm, Apologize by One Republic. This could be good. I do so love the sound of Kris' voice. Like, Adam can sing on key and all that jazz, but I like just hearing Kris' voice. He's changed it around some here and there, I wonder if it's enough to qualify as "artistry." I always like it when the idols play an instrument, too. Oops, I guess it's not artistry. Not enough chances. How come he's punished for not taking more chances now when he's done it so often, while Danny is rewarded for being boring and unoriginal every week? "Competent" is not a good compliment. Sigh. But Simon is blaming Kara and Randy for not pulling their weight and telling Kris what to do with the arrangement, so that's something? I do agree that him doing this song with the guitar acoustic would have been amazing, though.

Simon picked Adam's song, of course. Simon's the best so he picks the song for the favorite. One by U2--Simon had to talk to Bono personally to get permission for it. That's kind of cool. I just noticed that Adam kind of has elf ears. Maybe it's just the angle he's at, but he looks definitely elfin. Oh seriously, hands waving side to side? Come on. And Lord, can Adam ever not screech? I know it's "amazing" or something, but it annoys the crap out of me. That's the thing--Kris' voice makes me feel like it's giving me a hug or something, while Adam's makes me wince a bit. Everyone loves it, shocker.

Idol Gives Back? Fast forward.

Danny round two. No Clive Davis, this time the idols pick. What is it gonna be, Danny? You Are So Beautiful. I'm already bored. I don't even have anything else to say because I was looking up Terence Trent D'Arby on wikipedia and did you know he changed his name to Sananda Maitrey after a dream? So weird. Anyway, Kara says Danny was "stunning." Really? It sounded stupid to me. But Simon says it was a "vocal master class." Sorry Kris, you're gonna get screwed here.

Speaking of, here we are with song number two for Kris! He's singing Heartless by Kanye West. Innnteresting. Oh wow, him and the guitar. Well, this explains why he didn't do this for Apologize. And if the judges don't lavish him with praise, they are the worst contest-fixers ever. This is fantastic. Randy likes it better than the original--good! Kara says why didn't you do this for Apologize!! Well, because doing it twice would be retarded? Kara is flipping for it though, good. Paula was underwhelming but still positive. Simon says he'd written Kris out of the competition after song 1, but after this, he takes it back. GOOD!!! Has Danny every done anything a tenth that original or awesome? Um, no. Not even close.

Ok, last song of the night. Adam, what's it going to be? Aerosmith, Cryin'. This will be a lot better than Danny doing Aerosmith, I can say that without hearing a note. At least this song fits with Adam's weird screechy thing, it makes me wince a little less than normal. I'm sure the judges will love it, as always. You deserve to be in the finals, you're a God among men, etc etc.

Ok, well obviously Adam is in the finals. I (spoiler alert!) think Kris deserves to be there too about ten million times more than Danny does. Will justice prevail? Are the voters that smart? In the end, I don't think it'll matter, Kris'll get a record deal either way. But Danny making it to the finals when he's so smarmy (Laura!) is just wrong.

Oh, and I have a good story from this morning but it'll have to wait a bit. So, try not to die of anticipation!

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