Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Almost a third of Mississippi adults are obese.  A third! 

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Alexandra said...

With this increase in obesity in each state over ten percent in the last two decades, is the focus on exercise and low calorie foods enough? This is no longer a question of personal responsibility and prevention- if it were, people would find the willpower to lose weight, knowing the health risks of obesity. The popularity of southern fried food has not changed and yet people are increasingly obese- why? Instead of placing blame on fatty foods, let’s solve the food problem. With studies showing an alarming amount of missing nutrients from foods once rich with them, we should be giving a closer eye to what is in our foods- and what is missing.
In addition, the link of poverty to the availability of nutritious foods has always been a tremendous problem, heightened by the economic recession. As long as the distribution of food is regulated by capitalist means, the poor will never have access to nutritious foods, which will in turn increase the necessity for health care they cannot afford.
People have always known the preventative measures of obesity, so while education in that area is important, it will not eliminate this problem. Without knowing what is in our food, how can we truly know what is healthy and what is not? And without access to nutritious foods, how can we allow the poor the “luxury” of eating well? It is time to be as scrutinizing to the food we consume as we are to the people that consume it.