Monday, July 06, 2009

Side job

I'm teaching FOUR aerobics classes this week!  I'm going to be crazy exercise girl, without even meaning to.  I volunteered to sub a kickboxing class tonight (well, I was asked a while back and agreed to do it), and then last night I got trapped into subbing a step class for tomorrow (but not my usual class, so I have to come up with different choreography for it), so that'll be Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Thursday teaching.  At least hopefully I'll feel in good shape this weekend!  I'm still kind of tired of working out, but I feel good when I'm doing it at least, so I guess it's just me wanting to be lazy.  I didn't want to teach three days in a row, especially since two of the three are classes I need to spend more time prepping for, but hopefully it'll keep me in the good graces of the head lady. 

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