Monday, July 13, 2009


Last night I dreamed I was at a Laker game hanging out with Derek Fisher and some other random players (I think I just made them up for my dream because I didn't recognize them) in a room "backstage" before the game.  I was really excited because we were going to get to hang out after the game too and I was going to get a picture with Fish then, and I have no idea why I couldn't have done it before the game too, but my hair was all poofy and crazy since I hadn't straightened it yet and so when they went out to play the game I asked the make-up artist (because in my dream, the bball players had hair and make-up) if I could borrow their flat iron.  She said sure, and asked if I wanted a cut, too.  She said she always gives a trim before she uses the flat iron.  So I said ok, and then I tried to straighten my hair, but after I finished it I realized that (a) she cut my hair short, so it was between my shoulder and chin length, and (b) she'd shaved off part of my hair in the middle of each side of my head!  It was like I had a racing stripe on the right, and an uneven ditch of hair on the left.  It was a ridiculous disaster and I was so upset.  Of course.  And my dream ended before I could get back to hanging out with the Lakers, which was sad. 
So prompted by my dream this morning (and having Sports Center on in the background as I straightened my hair for reals this morning), I went to and apparently they show full eps of PTI online, but only for insiders.  And so, after years of getting free Cal preseason reports from Matt, I think I have to break down and actually join, because if I was able to actually watch PTI on my computer rather than have to dvr it (which I for sure would never keep up with), I think it'd be worth it.  If you do the two year membership it's only $2.50 a month, plus you get ESPN the magazine.  The only downside is that you have to pay all $60 up front, and it would feel like so much cheaper if I just saw a bunch of charges for $2.50. 

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Anonymous said...

does this mean I can drop my insider account and get free Cal preseason reports for the next 5 years?