Wednesday, July 01, 2009


How is it July already?? 2009 is half over. Scary.

The wedding was fun--Notre Dame is a pretty campus, and we had perfect weather, so thus far I approve of the midwest. I mean, as long as the weather looks like that. So I'm guessing I approve for like four months out of the year, max. Chicago was neat too, I miss being near the ocean (or a super huge lake would do).

I've had Sweet Caroline stuck in my head for days. Stupid wedding reception music!

I miss television. Not that I don't have one, like some crazies, but there's so little new on now, it's sad. I got Angel seasons 2-4 on DVD because I found them cheap (and watched 1 on Hulu months ago) so maybe I'll start rewatching those to keep myself entertained.

Hearing Adam talk about the bar exam makes me realize (a) I seriously cannot believe how much work I did for it last summer, and (b) how overjoyed I am never to be doing that again.

This week is only three days long for me, between being out Monday for the wedding and Friday for the 4th of July...and yet it seems crazy long already. I woke up today very sad it wasn't Thursday.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but when my lease is up I'm moving into DC proper, so I'm excited about that! I like my apartment here, but I'm bored with it. Ready to see what something new will look like. And if I could find someplace with a yard of sorts that would be the best thing ever, because not walking Jamie in the mornings (especially when the weather is awful) would be the best thing ever.

Straightening my hair takes forever. If I were a boy (cue music) I'd have so much extra free time.

I've only been working for nine months. It feels so much longer.

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