Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who knew?

Apparently you can only listen to Pandora for free for 40 hours per month.  After that, you either have to pay 99 cents to listen unlimited for the rest of the month, or pay $36 to get a whole year of "premium" Pandora, with no ads and higher quality audio.  (a) I had no idea Pandora had a time maximum, I need to be bored at work less; and (b) their marketing people really need to change the way they present that, because 99 cents versus $36 sounds ridiculous.  It really should be say hey, for only $3 a month you can get unlimited premium Pandora*  (*must purchase one year subscription, total price $36).  See, not so hard, much more palatable.  You're welcome. 
Also, the Federal Reserve knows my name.  I'm a baller. 

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Griffin said...

I've seen similar "offers" a lot lately. My hosting costs $10 per month, or I can pay $120 for a year. Yeah, way to upsell. ;P

I like them, so if they gave even the idea of an incentive to pay yearly, I would be on board.