Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I heart this growing world domination of his

Got back from Texas Monday was a fun trip, nice to ignore work for four whole days.  I'm going to have to make that a habit.  On our flight down we went right by a huge thunderstorm and I took a video of the lightning in the clouds, I'll post it here once I upload it.  It was pretty badass. 
Moving Saturday!  Which means that this week is madness because I've done basically nothing to get ready.  But at least my current lease doesn't expire until September 7 so I'll have another week to get things in order if I need it.  Which I probably will, especially for cleaning the current place. 
I need to find a new dog walker since my current company doesn't do my future neighborhood, and I have been emailing a few places.  Place number 2, we emailed last Wednesday, and then he never emailed me back to finalize a meeting time.  I even called him on Monday (we were supposed to meet Tuesday), and nothing, so yesterday morning I set up a meeting with another company.  Right after I did that, #2 finally emailed to say, oh, somehow I thought we'd settled this, I'll be by tonight at 9, text me to confirm.  So I texted him saying no need to meet, I hadn't heard from you so I made arrangements with another company.  And I got back a text saying, "Really?"  Um yes really, ignore me for six days, what do you think is going to happen? 

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