Sunday, September 06, 2009


Internet at home once again! Comcast came on Thursday night (after almost not showing up, but luckily the technician was very nice and I sound very stern on the phone, because he was here til almost 9pm getting everything set up), but when he was setting up the internet the "wireless radio button" got turned off on my computer, and it's hidden so no one without a PhD in computer science can find it, so I was stuck for a while. Luckily my dad happens to have a PhD in computer science so he figured it out for me over the phone today, but since my computer is four years old and doesn't have all the fancy stuff that his computer has, it took him some time to figure out where they would have hidden the button. However it finally came about, though, I have internet! And I'm officially moved out of my old place, too. I went back today, got the last carload of stuff, cleaned a bit, and dropped off the keys. And I am SO glad to be done with it. I still have a bunch of crap sitting in my car, and my apartment still looks really disheveled, but the worst of it is over. And I am not moving again for a long time, I have had it with this business.

Also, GO BEARS! And please, don't play any more games at 10pm EST. I feel asleep during the fourth quarter, sad but true.

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