Monday, September 28, 2009

I know, I've been lazy again

This article disappoints me.  Based on the title I had much higher hopes. 
I accidentally deleted the cool video I took of lightning from our plane!  I'm really bummed about that. 
Football makes me sad this week =(
We did a pub crawl on Friday to celebrate our one year workiversary (which technically is tomorrow).  Twelve bars for twelve months!  And I kept us on time, as anyone who knows me would expect.  I had a stopwatch and everything.  And we were so good, we took group pictures at every bar!  I was looking through the pictures this morning (group one and other random pics) and I stop remembering taking them around bar eight or nine. 
On Saturday morning we were walking Jamie (who is wearing his Cal bandanna that his Aunt Christine gave him) and we randomly ran into a group of Cal fans.  They wanted to say hi to Jamie, and then they realized that he had a Cal bandanna on and they got SO excited.  It was awesome.  I hope they tell their friends about it too. 
I have a few more thoughts on new tv, I'll try to share them later.  It's been hard to keep up though, there's so many new shows and so little time!  Definitely better than the alternative, but still.  Also, new HIMYM = awesomeness! 

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