Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

For me, the fall tv season starts tonight, and I'm so excited!  Sure, Glee started back up, but we know how I feel about that show.  And The Biggest Loser started on Tuesday or something, and I love that show, but I always watch it on hulu a week after while I'm doing doc review, so that doesn't count either.  And unlike some people (ahem, Andy) I'm not that excited about the CW shows this year.  So the real premieres for me are tonight, and I'm ready to get this show on the road.  (sidenote--remember how the CW used to be the WB?  How quickly we get used to these changes.)  Anyway, tonight we have Parks and Recreation, which I was only lukewarm about before but I hear tonight has the funniest episode of it yet so here's hoping it starts to live up to its potential.  Then we have The Office which I am super duper excited about (I've been rewatching prior seasons so I'm so ready for some new episodes, and some Jam baby action), and the premiere of Community, which I have high hopes for since Joel McHale = the awesome.  I'll try to post my thoughts on the new episodes tomorrow, hopefully I won't get too distracted and forget!  No doubt they'll be fascinating reads.  I hope everyone has set their dvr for next Monday with the season premiere of HIMYM!  We're doing a premiere party here.  I've already colored in a blue french horn for decoration, no lie.  And of course the Emmys are on Sunday and we'll be watching NPH in all his glory there.  Lord, I am so busy, it's a wonder I have time to go to work and have my soul crushed. 
Also, not to be callous, but please don't commit suicide at my metro stop.  It'll mess up my commute.  Just take pills or something, make it easy for everyone. 

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John said...

I wish I could go to your premiere party. It sounds AWESOME!!