Monday, September 21, 2009

What a Tease

Ah Emmys, you disappoint me again.  You tease me with awesomeness like NPH hosting, Dr. Horrible winning a random creative emmy, and Kristin Chenoweth winning for Pushing Daisies, but then what happens?  You give best supporting actor in a comedy to f*@#!*% JON CRYER????  You are dead to me.  And Two and a Half Men, prepare to be destroyed.  No quarter.
On the plus side, NPH was awesome.  And the Dr. Horrible sketch, which I'd been tipped off about by Adam, was particularly excellent.  I'd even rewatched the original Dr. Horrible in anticipation so I wouldn't miss any of the jokes.  Oh Joss Whedon, you make my heart sing. 
So tonight we have the premiere of HIMYM.  Even if you're not caught up, dvr it so once you've seen seasons 1-4 you can dive right into season 5.  And, in preparation, EW has listed their top 15 HIMYM episodes.  Feel free to discuss in the comments what you think about their selections.  I am pretty freaking excited.  Anyone who has seen season 1-4 is welcome to come over to watch with me =)

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