Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

At work every year they do a pet costume contest, so Jamie and his friend Sydney (my friend Laura's dog) decided to enter it this year. They decided to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and then use some stuffed animals to represent their multiethnic children. And yes, they won first place in the contest.

I can only hope that my costume looks half as good tonight.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I changed my mind

Ok, I know that I hate Fall Back and I can't stand it getting dark at 4:30pm and all that...but I can't take getting up in pitch black anymore. My alarm goes off at 6:30 (I don't necessarily get up then, but that's when my alarm goes off...), and it just feels like the middle of the night. This is no good. How to Alaskans do it?? Thank goodness it's only this week left. Then of course I'll be sitting in my office pouting from like 5pm on because I hate working when it's still dark outside, too, but I think it'll be easier. Because this is madness I tell you, madness! Also madness? Repeat of HIMYM last night. Granted, great episode, but still. Good thing it's November sweeps soon!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Childhood delusions

Last weekend we watched All Dogs Go to Heaven, which I haven't seen in a really long time (as you might have guessed), and you know what? It's a really bad movie. The plot doesn't make much sense, the songs suck, and Burt Reynolds was not a good call as voicing the main dog character. It's so disappointing, realizing that it's nowhere near the cool movie I remember from elementary school. Although at least it has the right message, that all dogs go to heaven, because they SO do. (ahem, Matt)

Screw you, DC

I just looked at the weather in San Diego. It's 80 degrees right there ("feels like 79"). I freaking hate this town and I want to go HOME!

All hail our alma mater

I just found our that Tate Forcier went to my high school! What do you know. Yay Scripps Ranch!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Is it wrong that I want this mainly because it's got Reese Witherspoon's name on it?  I mean, the description sounds nice too, so it's not ALL because of her.  But largely. 

Monday, October 19, 2009


I got a letter from the Alaska Law Review (my journal in law school) asking for money for the 2Ls' trip to Alaska this year.  The funny thing is, they're using the letter that *I* wrote as managing editor for the journal two years ago.  They updated it, but it's still totally my letter.  I find that amusing.  I sent them a check and wrote on a post-it that I'm glad my letter is still getting some use. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Andy's recent post mentioning Red Robin (I heart it too!) reminded me that I never blogged about one of the biggest travesties of recent memory. My friends and I went down to the nearest Red Robin (a 40 minute drive, totally worth it) for lunch and outlet mall shopping a few weeks ago, and I was so excited because they have my favorite burger of all time there. The Santa Fe: sauteed onions, roasted poblano pepper, guacamole, pepper jack cheese and tortilla strips. It's amazing. And when we got there, after months of dreaming about the burger, THEY TOOK IT OFF THE MENU. I couldn't believe it. I had something else but it was total crap in comparison. Santa Fe, I loooooove you. Come baaaaack!!!! Or Red Robin, you and I have some serious issues.

I looked for a picture of it online but the only thing that came up was a page which lists the calories in the burger. You bet your ass I did not click on that link.


So I email posted this post on Friday night, but apparently it didn't go through, so I'm just copying it in now. Pretend it's Friday night to get the full effect.


I am in the midst of an awesome friday night. I went to go buy a
coffee table off of craigslist, and then was going to meet up with
people to see Zombieland, so I was hurrying trying to navigate stupid
dc traffic so I wouldn't be late. I picked up the table, and it fit
in the car no problem (woo!) But then when I went to leave my car
wouldn't start. I knew car trouble would happen to me sometime, and
it picked a rainy friday night when it's 30-something degrees outside.

I called a tow truck because I think it's a dead battery (and none of
my friends with cars were around to give me a jump) and I found a guy
who will just come and replace my battery (for some ridiculous amount,
but I'll at least have it over and done with so it's worth it) so now
I'm just sitting in my car waiting for him. It's getting cold in
here, too, sigh, and I can't just leave the car because I parked
illegally while I was running in to get the table. So I'm sitting
here with the hazards on, hoping mr. Tow truck man drives fast, and
entertaining myself by blogging remotely. I knew I should have gotten
AAA. At least the neighborhood isn't shady, though!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Caution: whining ahead

The high tomorrow is 45 degree.  High!  45!  And it's supposed to rain (just like it has been doing all day today).  And it's only mid-October.  Kill me now.
I had an awesome dream last night, I'll share later when I have time to properly describe the awesomeness. 

Here's my card

In case you were wondering, I'm feeling much better now.  Yesterday I was pretty much back to normal (although I skipped the gym to play it safe), and today I feel totally fine.  Whatever it was hit me hard, but left as fast as it came!  (That's what she said.) 
In other news, my journey of becoming a real lawyer continues...Yesterday I finally got my business cards!  I now have hundreds of these things and nothing to do with them except drop them in the "win free lunch" bowls at restaurants (which I already did yesterday, too--I'm not wasting any time!) but it's yet another step to not feeling like I'm faking this whole job thing.  Now the only thing left is to get on the website, which should happen within a month (they have to get the bill from the DC bar before they do it, for some reason).  And then when you look me up you'll be able to find me and not wonder why I'm lying to you about being employed.  My firm is weird.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sick =(

I woke up with a tummy ache, and I kept waiting for it to go away as the day went on, but it decided not too. I drank tea and water and juice all day, and finally ate some dinner a couple of hours ago (bread and hummus, yum!) but now it feels like whatever it was has lightened up on my tummy and moved to my head. If I hadn't been busy at work today I would have gone home but I had stuff going on so I stuck around. I'm hoping a good night's sleep and I'll be all better by tomorrow, but we'll see. Jeff gets really sick and I'm around him all the time and I don't get sick, then I randomly wake up with something all on my own (at a different time, not one right after the other). What the hell.

Monday, October 12, 2009


The gym I work for keeps making me feel guilty for not being able to spend all my time there.  I just volunteered to teach a class two sundays in November at 11:30 am and the other lady is telling me she needs me at 5pm too.  I'm sorry, but I'm not spending my whole day going back and forth to the gym, and it's not my fault that she's a terrible communicator and never told me she was planning on adding a class at 5 when there already is a class at 11:30 and there'd be no reason for me to think that she'd be referring to something other than that 11:30 class.  Grr!  So I emailed her and told her I'd do one of each, but I can't do it at 5pm every week anymore, and definitely can't do both in one day, but I'm already dreading her response which is no doubt going to be the equivalent of email yelling at me.  She's so abrasive and I just feel like she really dislikes me, so it makes the whole thing a huge pain to deal with.  Sigh. 


Apparently our firm's Tokyo office is closed today for "Health-Sports Day."  (a) What the hell is that?  and (b) why don't we have it?


Spoiler Alert!
So in The Office this week Jim and Pam ran off and got married before their actual wedding, to avoid the craziness of what their wedding turned into.  This was deemed the "Best. Move. Ever!" by some people.  But hmm, sounds awfully familiar to me.  Like maybe two crazy kids in New York had their wedding get out of hand and everything go wrong so they secretly got married outside in a garden with just a few friends nearby, and then went back in and had their "real" wedding with all their family there?  That's right, people, HIMYM again!!  And don't you forget it.  Not that it wasn't great when Pam and Jim did it too, but let's give credit where credit is due. 

Sun, where are you?

The sunrise is at 7:15 and the sunset is at 6:30. This sucks! Stupid winter.

Speaking of winter, Jeff and I went to Boston this weekend to go see Liz (who is in med school there now) and some of his friends. It's speaking of winter because it's already cold there (although today it doesn't seem much warmer here). Highs in the low 60s/high 50s, lows in the 40s. Ahh, just like winter in San Diego. That's only a slight exaggeration, actually. It was a super quick visit, only about 46 hours total there, but we found super cheap plane tickets so it was totally worth it. And if it were only a lot warmer I'd totally move there, I think the city is so pretty. Maybe I could manage for a year or two, I don't know, but I'm skeptical. But visiting during the fall is great!

Still owe posts on my thoughts on the new tv season, I know. But work has been busy with non-doc review stuff so it's been hard to find the time. Speaking of work, I should probably go get dressed, since I have work today (suck it, federal employees with the day off!). But, we do get a jeans day today at least, so that's something! I just barely remembered too, I'd be so mad if I went in wearing real pants when I didn't have too. I also really need to get new jeans, because I have plenty of tall ones, but only one short pair (that I can wear with flip flops without them dragging on the ground too much) and that pair has some big holes in the inner thigh area. You can't really see the holes so I can still get away with them, but it's getting kind of ridiculous. Too bad they're soooo comfy and jeans shopping sucks.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Old times

Did people see this episode of Psych, with Kenan Thompson and Jaleel White (aka Steve Urkel)?  Awesomeness.  Hooray for flashbacks to elementary school (I'm ignoring the fact that Kenan Thompson is on SNL right now).  More people should watch Psych, there are some hilarious lines there.  And The Mentalist can STILL suck it. 

About damn time

I'm finally getting sworn into the DC bar today!!  I submitted my application the second week of January, so it only took them nine months.  Sigh.  There's apparently two ceremonies today, one at 10 and one at 12, which I did not realize, and everyone I've talked to today is scheduled for the noon one, but I have the 10am one.  Which makes me a little sad, I was excited about meeting up with Andy and going together.  I also am really not excited about wasting time hearing some stupid speech.  I got spoiled with California, they don't require you to do any sort of ceremony at all--you just need a notary to sign a form.  It's kind of anticlimactic, but it saves sooooo much time.  On the plus side, I'll finally get to be on the website, finally get business cards, and finally get to take the asterisk off of my name.  Woo!  Lawyer in two jurisdictions, take that. 

Friday, October 02, 2009

*calendar pages flip*

Tuesday was my one year work-iversary.  I can't decide if it went by fast or slow.  Like, I feel like I've been here forever already.  And yet, I can't believe that this is my second October here now.  Last year, it was all new--oh, this is what we do for Thanksgiving in the office, this is how into halloween the office gets, etc etc.  If that makes sense.  And now I have last year to compare it to, and that just feels weird.  So happy work-iversary to me!  And all my friends, too.  We celebrated here in DC with a pub crawl, which was pretty awesome.  12 bars for 12 months.  We took group photos at each bar and my friend Amy wants to turn it into a calendar.  I was the timekeeper, I had a stopwatch and everything.  And you bet your ass we kept on schedule! 
I am not pleased with the fall.  First, it's freaking cold already.  And second, the sun now rises after I get up and sets around when I leave work.  And we haven't even hit fall back yet!  This sucks ass.  I need to move to the equator or something.