Friday, October 02, 2009

*calendar pages flip*

Tuesday was my one year work-iversary.  I can't decide if it went by fast or slow.  Like, I feel like I've been here forever already.  And yet, I can't believe that this is my second October here now.  Last year, it was all new--oh, this is what we do for Thanksgiving in the office, this is how into halloween the office gets, etc etc.  If that makes sense.  And now I have last year to compare it to, and that just feels weird.  So happy work-iversary to me!  And all my friends, too.  We celebrated here in DC with a pub crawl, which was pretty awesome.  12 bars for 12 months.  We took group photos at each bar and my friend Amy wants to turn it into a calendar.  I was the timekeeper, I had a stopwatch and everything.  And you bet your ass we kept on schedule! 
I am not pleased with the fall.  First, it's freaking cold already.  And second, the sun now rises after I get up and sets around when I leave work.  And we haven't even hit fall back yet!  This sucks ass.  I need to move to the equator or something. 

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John said...

Southern california stays pretty warm - and without the humidity of the equator!