Monday, October 12, 2009


The gym I work for keeps making me feel guilty for not being able to spend all my time there.  I just volunteered to teach a class two sundays in November at 11:30 am and the other lady is telling me she needs me at 5pm too.  I'm sorry, but I'm not spending my whole day going back and forth to the gym, and it's not my fault that she's a terrible communicator and never told me she was planning on adding a class at 5 when there already is a class at 11:30 and there'd be no reason for me to think that she'd be referring to something other than that 11:30 class.  Grr!  So I emailed her and told her I'd do one of each, but I can't do it at 5pm every week anymore, and definitely can't do both in one day, but I'm already dreading her response which is no doubt going to be the equivalent of email yelling at me.  She's so abrasive and I just feel like she really dislikes me, so it makes the whole thing a huge pain to deal with.  Sigh. 

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