Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here's my card

In case you were wondering, I'm feeling much better now.  Yesterday I was pretty much back to normal (although I skipped the gym to play it safe), and today I feel totally fine.  Whatever it was hit me hard, but left as fast as it came!  (That's what she said.) 
In other news, my journey of becoming a real lawyer continues...Yesterday I finally got my business cards!  I now have hundreds of these things and nothing to do with them except drop them in the "win free lunch" bowls at restaurants (which I already did yesterday, too--I'm not wasting any time!) but it's yet another step to not feeling like I'm faking this whole job thing.  Now the only thing left is to get on the website, which should happen within a month (they have to get the bill from the DC bar before they do it, for some reason).  And then when you look me up you'll be able to find me and not wonder why I'm lying to you about being employed.  My firm is weird.

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