Monday, October 12, 2009

Sun, where are you?

The sunrise is at 7:15 and the sunset is at 6:30. This sucks! Stupid winter.

Speaking of winter, Jeff and I went to Boston this weekend to go see Liz (who is in med school there now) and some of his friends. It's speaking of winter because it's already cold there (although today it doesn't seem much warmer here). Highs in the low 60s/high 50s, lows in the 40s. Ahh, just like winter in San Diego. That's only a slight exaggeration, actually. It was a super quick visit, only about 46 hours total there, but we found super cheap plane tickets so it was totally worth it. And if it were only a lot warmer I'd totally move there, I think the city is so pretty. Maybe I could manage for a year or two, I don't know, but I'm skeptical. But visiting during the fall is great!

Still owe posts on my thoughts on the new tv season, I know. But work has been busy with non-doc review stuff so it's been hard to find the time. Speaking of work, I should probably go get dressed, since I have work today (suck it, federal employees with the day off!). But, we do get a jeans day today at least, so that's something! I just barely remembered too, I'd be so mad if I went in wearing real pants when I didn't have too. I also really need to get new jeans, because I have plenty of tall ones, but only one short pair (that I can wear with flip flops without them dragging on the ground too much) and that pair has some big holes in the inner thigh area. You can't really see the holes so I can still get away with them, but it's getting kind of ridiculous. Too bad they're soooo comfy and jeans shopping sucks.

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