Sunday, October 18, 2009


So I email posted this post on Friday night, but apparently it didn't go through, so I'm just copying it in now. Pretend it's Friday night to get the full effect.


I am in the midst of an awesome friday night. I went to go buy a
coffee table off of craigslist, and then was going to meet up with
people to see Zombieland, so I was hurrying trying to navigate stupid
dc traffic so I wouldn't be late. I picked up the table, and it fit
in the car no problem (woo!) But then when I went to leave my car
wouldn't start. I knew car trouble would happen to me sometime, and
it picked a rainy friday night when it's 30-something degrees outside.

I called a tow truck because I think it's a dead battery (and none of
my friends with cars were around to give me a jump) and I found a guy
who will just come and replace my battery (for some ridiculous amount,
but I'll at least have it over and done with so it's worth it) so now
I'm just sitting in my car waiting for him. It's getting cold in
here, too, sigh, and I can't just leave the car because I parked
illegally while I was running in to get the table. So I'm sitting
here with the hazards on, hoping mr. Tow truck man drives fast, and
entertaining myself by blogging remotely. I knew I should have gotten
AAA. At least the neighborhood isn't shady, though!

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