Friday, November 06, 2009

Because history + books = badass

Sometimes my work is like being back in law school.  We have an "occasional speaker series," where they bring in random people to talk about stuff over lunch, not necessarily related to law (which is nice).  Yesterday they brought in this guy, who is in charge of the rare books collection of the Library of Congress, and he was awesome.  He has been recreating Thomas Jefferson's collection of books (sold to the US after the original Congressional library was burned in the war of 1812, and then later destroyed itself in the 1850s, I believe).  So he talked about the collection itself, and then about his quest in recreating it.  Out of the original 6000+ books he's down to looking for the last 297 (and he's been doing this for 11 years).  He said a lot of those last 297 are probably never going to be found, but still, not bad numbers.  Anyway, it was really neat and a lot of my friends here mocked me for wanting to go, but his job is so much cooler than ours.  Oh, and he's a Golden Bear, too!  Woo all around. 

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