Monday, November 16, 2009

I heart San Diego!

Whew, long time no blog! Sorry for the quiet, last week I ended up getting a pretty bad cold and was not in good shape, and then this weekend I went to San Diego for my friend Nina's wedding! So, I have a lot to tell you about.

*Going to San Diego made me really really really miss it. It was 40 degrees and rainy here in DC when we left on Thursday, and then 68 and sunny and gorgeous in San Diego when we got there. And it was like that all weekend (shocking). I really have been on the east coast too long because part of me was waiting to see clouds and rain in the morning when I'd wake up. Now I keep thinking about trying to transfer out there (my firm just happens to have an office there...).

*No offense to my other friends who are married, but Nina must have been the happiest, most excited bride I've ever seen. She was on the dance floor like a crazy person the whole reception, having the best time of her life. It was awesome to see.

*I got Jeff to try Jack in the Box for the first time!! It made me so happy. I've told him all about the awesomeness of the tacos there (as did everyone else at the rehearsal dinner), so I documented his first Jack in the Box taco experience.

And guess what, he thinks they're pretty good. Woo!

*I accidentally got the loss/damage/whatever insurance for my rental car, and I was kind of annoyed with myself for doing so, but then when I turned in the car it turned out someone totally hit the car and I didn't even notice! The parking lot at the hotel was really tiny with tiny parking spaces so I'm sure someone scraped the back of the car and then just ignored it. So, thank goodness I accidentally got the insurance!

*Look how pretty!

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