Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow day!

Well I survived the thundersnow. They closed parts of the metro, so it was only running in the sections where there are no outdoor stations, so thank goodness I moved from Pentagon City because otherwise I would have been basically stranded. It's a good thing I went to Alaska 2L year because I busted out my Alaska coat and my Alaska boots so I was actually ok. Jeff and I went down to the mall and made a dancing snowwoman (and yes, she looks weird, but the snow was so powdery it was really hard to pack it, so be nice!).

It was really cool down there though, it was like 10pm and totally silent, there was pretty much nobody out there, which never happens. Look how cool!

This is the escalator into one of the metro stations, cracked me up:

It was fun playing in the snow and all, but seriously, I'd be fine if it would be 70 degrees here tomorrow. I don't really need more than a day or two of winter. I think that's about all the exposure to cold that God intended for us.

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