Monday, January 11, 2010


Spoiler alert! Don't read any further if you're lame. Or on the west coast.

Ok, tonight was HIMYM's 100th episode, where they promised us both a musical number and major developments on the Ted's wife front. The episode was mostly about Ted and Barney, so let's talk about the other three first. We see Lily, Marshall, and Robin in the bar talking about the Hot Lady Bartender and that's about it, and I was not impressed with that subplot. First of all, it didn't really go anywhere, unless you count Robin discovering that it's fun to be a Hot Lady Bartender as a big ending. Which I do not. We've had enough episodes of Lily talking about hot ladies in general, I'm kind of over that, it's not super funny anymore. I know they were trying to give them something to do so they weren't totally irrelevant for this episode, but I think they could have done better. And yeah, there's no second of all, but that's because they didn't have anything else going on either, so it's not my fault.

Barney traded in his suits for a shot at Hot Lady Bartender, which I thought was pretty funny. Barney's secret bathroom suit? Nice. And the whole sequence with "injured" suit and Tim Gunn's guest appearance? Classic. I love that the buttons at least saved another life. The musical number was pretty hilarious, but NPH is a musical genius so I have to say I was expecting awesome so I would have been disappointed with less. It was weird seeing him in a t-shirt too, it just felt all wrong.

And Ted met his future wife...'s roommate. I'm not surprised it wasn't Rachel Bilson (aka Cindy the grad student), it would have been way too obvious since everyone knew she was guest starring and all that. I do feel like we're so close to the mother that just a few...more...episodes...and we'll be there. But it's 100 episodes, and still a tease! I think they keep doing this because they feel like once we meet her, it's all over, but I think just because we know there's a happy ending that doesn't mean there can't be good funny crazy episodes along the way. Case in point? Ted and Robin. We knew from the start that they were not going to end up together, yet season two with their relationship was really good. The fact that we knew it was destined to end didn't ruin those stories, so I think it could work here if we actually got to see the mom get her yellow umbrella back. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get somewhere soon!


John said...

I was really disappointed in the episode. You are correct that the Robin/Lily/Marshall half was "meh" at best, and the fact that it really went nowhere was certainly infuriating. But the musical number WAS lackluster (IMHO) and really popped out of nowhere. It also had the unfortunate distinction to a)remind me of Dr. Horrible (not necessarily bad, but not good for Barney's character) and b)remind me that NPH is gay (again, not bad, but it pierces Barney's character greatly).

And the bait-and-switch with Cindy was just irritating. I'm tired of Ted "almost" meeting his wife. The show is teetering on the brink of goodness. In fact, the picture in this episode of Barney water skiing was a perfect microcasm of the show; it's still funny, it's good, but just off the picture is a shark, and the show is really close to jumping it.

I think (and hope) that this will be the penultimate season, where Ted meets his wife at the end of the season and then we have a cute season of them together before the wedding and wrap up. You are correct that there can be interesting stories to tell with Ted and his wife together, but not too many. I think two seasons worth would get old.

I think that it wouldn't have been a horrible episode by itself, but with the raised expectations of "100th Episode" hanging around it, I felt that it came up short.

Henry said...

I thought it was an okay episode. The length of the show thus far had suggested that there would be bigger developments on the Mother front, but this ep felt like a lost opportunity. Reva, you should read Alan Sepinwall's blog on the show. He has some great insights on the show:

And my brother and I are getting through the series steadily from the DVDs. We're on the third season and just finished with the first Slapsgiving episode leading up to the first meeting of Stella.

emily said...

Ted! Ted and Robin need to DIE and leave the others to be funnier. Every moment they have concentrating on Robin and Ted are totally wasted, valuable on-air moments. They need to make an episode where the two of those pathetic characters die in a car crash. Or maybe they can just fire the writers and director and let Neil patrick harris do whatever he wants - maybe he's force those two actors to be funnier. god they are pathetic. I think they are beyond help, and it can't be blamed on the poor writers.