Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Idle thoughts

I've been watching American Idol and I considered blogging about it but I actually don't like the audition episodes that much. I know a lot of people like that part the best but how many times can you see someone caterwauling like a wounded goat and think it's funny? The only thing that's really gotten me watching this time around is seeing the guest judges. I've been curious to see how they do, and so far I've been kind of disappointed. Victoria Beckham was very tapioca bland, and Mary J. Blige was a little better but still not terribly exciting. Yesterday Shania Twain was the guest judge and she did a little better, she seemed to give some real opinions, but they were too busy showing the caterwauling goats to show that much of the actual judging. Tonight Kristin Chenoweth is the guest judge and I totally adore her (Pushing Daisies, I miss you!) so I am really hoping she does a good job.

Speaking of Glee (Kristin Chenoweth guested on Glee a while ago, hence the mental jump), NPH is going to be on Glee! On the episode that Joss Whedon is directing!!! Makes my heart fill with gladness =)

UPDATE: Sadness, Kristin was only on the first day of auditions! She seemed to do a good job but there wasn't much time to see her. Oh well.

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