Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pet Peeve #17

Can I say how much I'm disliking the AT&T commercials with Luke Wilson? That makes me sad because I heart him generally, but these commercials suck. First of all, the whole "you can't surf the internet while you talk on the phone with Verizon" thing? I really don't get the big deal. The one example commercial they have is when the dude calls to ask Luke Wilson what the capital of Peru is for a game show. That's pretty much the only time I can see that being an issue. And also, (a) you had to look that up? And (b) no way that phone surfs the internet fast enough for it to be helpful in that situation anyway. And second, I also hate the commercial where the red beads making up the Verizon map (or as I think of them, red M&Ms) fall onto the ground as their story "falls apart." But what baffles me is that they don't just explain that the Verizon map is based on square footage rather than actual population distribution. Instead the map "falls apart" for things totally unrelated to coverage! Just annoys me. Also, seeing Luke Wilson look so not awesome makes me sad.

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