Thursday, January 21, 2010

The tv version of my life

As anyone who has watched tv in the last month knows, the show The Deep End premiers tonight. It's about first year associates in a big law firm so on the one hand I'd like to blog about it and point out all of the ridiculous things that they depict in the show and how unrealistic it is But on the other hand, it looks SO bad that I think it will just be painful to watch! So I'm torn. I'll probably dvr it and then see how bored I get, but from the previews I already can tell you that no law firm has that many attractive attorneys, let alone attractive single attorneys. And we don't trade shirts in our offices with the doors open, either.


Mr. Cooper said...

Maybe you don't!

Yeah, it's gonna be a shitshow.

emily said...

I don't understand why the shows about the hottest people are always laywers. Even shows about detectives and forensics have just mediocre actors. Maybe people think lawyers can wear whatever sexy skirts and low-cut blouses than lab assistants can't? Why do people assume lawyers have such sexy lives? I mean I guess you wouldn't make a show about hot dentists, but still...I like Glee because of the teachers that are semi-average-hot, and how it's still unrealistic even at that level. I would love to work at a school with such characters and break dance after school with the school counselor!

P.S. I just googled your first and last name and 'blog' and got this. I love the title of this blog