Monday, March 01, 2010


I haven't been blogging about Idol very much this season, and that's partly from laziness and partly because I haven't been terribly inspired thus far. It was only the first week of live performances so I try to cut the contestants some slack, but there were a couple of guys and a couple of girls that were decent, and everyone else was various levels of painful. And how did the dude with tails (I can't even be bothered to learn his name) make it through? Ridiculous. I disagreed with the judges a lot in that I thought they were too nice to many of them, but I'm still hoping that they'll pull it together over the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of tv, I'm glad real television is back tonight! Not that I didn't enjoy the Olympics (except for the part about Canada beating us in multiple gold medal games), but I am excited to see Carrie Underwood on HIMYM. And Pam and Jim have their baby! You know, the important things that my life revolves around.

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