Friday, March 12, 2010

Somebody owes me new headphones

*On Tuesday the metro ate my ipod headphones.  I was walking up the escalator and some guy was standing right in the middle (as I believe I have said before, you walk on the left and stand on the's taken very seriously here).  I said excuse me but he ignored/didn't hear me, and so I tried to squeeze by on the side, when all of a sudden my headphones were yanked out of my ears.  Apparently below the sliding rubber handrail is a metal edge and somehow my headphones got sucked into this metal edge.  I had to run back down the escalator and yank it out, and the rubber and most of the wires inside were all torn.  There was just some thread keeping it together.  Luckily the headphones also had disconnected from my ipod so that was fine, but still.  All this, just because some dude couldn't stand six inches to the right.  *shakes head*
*Hulu has ads for camp.  Yahoo radio has ads for Scientology.  I find both of these weird, although for different reasons. 
*The Idol top 12 is kind of ridiculous.  And I am not looking forward to seeing them do Rolling Stones songs next week. 
*The Office had a HIMYM shout-out this week!  Which is awesomeness.  And Modern Family spoke to me (and probably most lawyers) this week. 

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Anonymous said...

is the Metro eating your headphones akin to the VCR eating your Cal shirt?