Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Last night when I was watching Idol I thought that Siobhan was hitting some weird note but really it was just an ambulance going by with the siren on (I was only half paying attention).

Spoiler alert! What's with Sarah on Chuck? Like, she can kill people and it's ok, but Chuck can kill people and it makes him this terrible person she can't be with anymore? That's bs. But also bs, Chuck's weird deal with "I want to be a spy"/"let's run away together and leave the spy game behind." He keeps contradicting himself as to what he wants! Pick a plan and stick with it.

My favorites on Idol so far--Lee, Didi, and Casey. Siobhan needs to stop with the shrieking, and Crystal is good but snoooooooooze.

It's warm here! Finally. Makes me very happy. And I can't believe tomorrow is April, too.

The worst music video ever.

Speaking of worsts, the woman in the Special K commercial where she's at the coffee shop and the barista asks if she wants anything else and she looks at the danish is possibly the worst actress ever.

Comcast has been on my list for a while, but now it's on my List. And I have literally zero other options in my building, sigh. Why isn't anyone worried about this as an antitrust issue?

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Henry said...

It's more that Sarah is falling for a guy that wasn't the same guy he was two years ago, when they first met and he was supposed to be an asset. It was thought that he killed Perry and that changed him but (SPOILER ALERT) Casey admitted in the most recent episode that he was the one who killed Perry. So that means that Sarah can be with Chuck.

I think it's also more that Chuck isn't sure he wants to be a spy because he loves Sarah and wants to run away with her, which was why he was at Union Station in the most recent episode. But now, Sarah's gonna possibly get killed by Shaw.