Thursday, June 17, 2010

I can fly!

My firm had a summer event at a trapeze school tonight so I got to go and got to drag Jeff to it. It was pretty awesome! We have videos of our last trapeze trick, where we got "caught" by another person and swung off of our trapeze and were held on by him. It was our third time up--the first one, we just swung our knees up, and the second one, we did a back flip off. So, not bad for our third time ever on a trapeze, I think!

Here is Jeff, and here is me. At the end, you hear me saying "Go Bears!" =)

Monday, June 14, 2010

I beg to differ

From an article on CNN about The Hangover:
But "Hangover"-level successes need to have something extra, says Dergarabedian: chemistry and timing. Indeed, if there's been a criticism of "The Hangover" -- a film that earned generally positive reviews -- it's that its story got a little too loose and unbelievable at times. (Would Heather Graham's stripper character really leave her baby behind without becoming frantic?)
That's the part that the author thought was unrealistic?  The escort leaving her baby behind?  Not, say, Mike Tyson or the tiger or making $80,000 (?) playing blackjack in a few hours Rain Man style?  Interesting.