Monday, September 20, 2010

No work! I celebrate with blogging

You know how gmail shows you a preview of what your emails say? For some reason they just switched and now instead of showing a preview of the latest email, it shows the preview of the original email in the thread, and I don't like that. Well it shows the preview of the newest one until you read it, and then it switches over. Does anyone know how to fix this? I can't see a setting for it anywhere.

Also, I had a strange dream that I was competing in Dancing with the Stars this season, despite the fact that I am not a star. And Larry David was the producer, and he was super mean! For the first show I was doing a dance to the song Steam Heat but I forgot my iPod so I didn't have the music I needed, and of course the show is live so I couldn't go home and get it. So we went online and tried to find it there but all of the song versions were too long for the show. I asked Larry David if he'd move me to the end of the show so I'd have time to get my iPod but he said no. And I was matched up with a lady professional dancer named Lexie, and I hadn't even met her yet even though it was the first show, so I didn't have any professional choreography or anything. I was really mad!

I know, this is the kind of quality posting you've been missing.

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CAC Attack said...

DWTS does not feature stars anyway.